PE and Sport Premium

2016-17 Update

The retention of our School Games Gold award for the third consecutive year continues to reflect the quality of PE and school sport at Whitegrove.

All of our pupils benefit from a broad curriculum delivered by qualified and experienced staff and the extra-curricular opportunities that utilise the additional talents of both the wider staff group and selected outside providers.

We have used the Sport Premium funds of £9,940 to continue funding a range of before and after school sporting activities that are targeted at specific groups of pupils of a wide range of ability across the school. Some focus on our gifted and talented athletes to give them the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the timetabled lessons and to prepare for/experience representative sport. Others are more club-based and provide opportunities for those pupils who are not in a position to participate in sport out of school to play team games and develop the social skills that these can provide.

We have used the Sport Premium funds of £9,940 to continue funding a range of before and after school sporting activities

We have acquired a maypole to link our dance lessons with the British values element of the curriculum through traditional dance and to offer non-competitive physical education experiences to a wider group of pupils. The cross-curricular opportunities that this provides have seen maypole dancing incorporated in the KS1 Christmas performance and various class celebrations. An after-school activity involving this equipment will be funded in the Summer Term and we also plan to include this activity as part of our School Games Day at the end of the school year.

The Sport Premium funding is allowing us to maintain what we regard as an excellent provision of sport both within and outside of the curriculum and to continue to target our activities towards those identified groups of pupils who stand to benefit most. Additional/replacement equipment and staff hours are an essential part of our being able to extend this beyond curriculum time and to broaden our offering to include activities not readily available in the local community such as lacrosse and maypole dancing.

2015-16 Academic Year

At Whitegrove Primary School, we provide an excellent PE and sports curriculum for all of our children and this has been recognised nationally by our achievement of The School Games Gold award.

However, we are always looking for ways to improve. This year, our Sport Premium funds of £9,950 have been used to raise the overall level of physical capability, health and wellbeing of all pupils across the school.

We established a relationship with Bracknell & Wokingham College to offer a recently-qualified sport student (BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma) a one year fixed-term contract to gain experience of working in a school (part-funded with £5,700 of our Sport Premium funds). With this additional resource, we have been able to improve the quality of curricular and extra-curricular gymnastics and to monitor and target specific groups of pupils in gymnastics to improve their confidence and self-esteem. We are also able to provide one-to-one support during gymnastics lessons for pupils with additional needs.

We have been successful in providing competitive intra- and inter-school gymnastic opportunities for pupils across years 1 - 6

The focus on core athletic abilities (such as balance, strength and body confidence) continues across all year groups through the provision of high-quality gymnastics lessons. We have been successful in providing competitive intra- and inter-school gymnastic opportunities for pupils across years 1 to 6 and have directed many pupils to local gymnastic clubs to further their education outside of school. Gymnastics is now a cornerstone of our PE provision and the improved confidence of some of our targeted groups, such as Key Stage 2 boys, is evident across all curriculum areas. Over the past 2 years we have acquired a substantial amount of gymnastic equipment, such as a trampette and a multi-stage box, to extend the learning of our young gymnasts and we will allocate funds to maintain and update this to ensure that it continues at this level.

Following the introduction of lacrosse as an after-school activity in 2013-14, we have now introduced it to the Upper Key Stage 2 curriculum, increasing the range of sporting activities available to pupils at Whitegrove. We are acquiring additional equipment to facilitate this (£500). The after-school club proved successful in bringing a different group of pupils into our out-of-hours school sports program so we will continue to run this after-school club, allowing those with skills beyond traditional sports such as cricket, football, netball and rugby to shine. We have invited other local schools to participate in this activity, which has given our pupils both coaching opportunities and the chance for inter-school competition. We are investigating developing our lacrosse provision further through professional coaching via a local independent school.

The balance of our Sport Premium funds is used to offset the cost of staffing our other after-school sports clubs.