Whitegrove Primary

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Drop off and collection

Morning drop-off

Both playground gates (to the North and South playgrounds) open at 08.50. Reception children enter via the North gate for easy access to the EYFS unit while all other children enter via whichever gate works best for them.

Both gates close at 09:05. Children are expected to be seated in the class ready for registration at 09:05.

Morning Drop-off Club

A chargeable morning ‘Drop-off’ club is available from 08:00 for parents and carers as part of their onward journey. For more details see Before and After School care .


Afternoon collection

School finishes at 15:30.

The gate to the North playground is opened at 15:20. Parents and carers wait in the playground and the teachers dismiss their classes on to the playground then follow the one-way route to exit via the South playground gate. Both school gates are then locked at 15:45 - if you are late, please wait at the South playground gate for the "sweep" to bring your child to the front of the school.

For parents and carers with children staying for an after school activity, the North playground gate is re-opened at 16:30 for collection. Most after-school clubs finish at 16:30 but please check for each club.

Stay After School Club

Our 'Stay After School' after school care club operates daily from 15:30 to 18:00 with its own after-club collection arrangements. For more details, please see Before and After School care .